UK Parliament hosts launch reception for ‘A Legend about the Golden Man: Secrets of the Steppe’

On 5 July, the UK Parliament hosted a reception to celebrate the broadcasting of the film 'A Legend about the Golden Man: Secrets of the Steppes' on BBC World News on 7 July. The documentary focuses on 'the Issyk golden man' – one of the well-known archaeological finds in Kazakhstan. The film will present the historical and cultural heritage of Kazakhstan on one of the world's most influential channels, to potentially millions of viewers.

Opening the event, the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the UK, Erlan Idrissov, noted that the screening of the film is an important step in popularising the heritage of Kazakhstan, positioning the country as one with an ancient history and rich culture.

Bob Stewart, MP and the Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Kazakhstan, stressed the symbolism of the presentation of the film within one day of the launch of the Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC). He noted that both the screening of the film on BBC World News, as well as the opening of the AIFC, will further promote the recognition of Kazakhstan in the world.

Sergey Stanovkin, Commercial Director of the BBC in Eurasia, said that in a few days, the cultural heritage of Kazakhstan will be presented by BBC World News to the world in this new documentary. After their first encounter with Kazakhstan on the BBC World News TV channel, many viewers may be encouraged to start planning their trip to the Great Steppe.

The idea of screening 'A Legend about the Golden Man' was initiated by BBC World News to make use of the archival materials collected by the channel's employees as part of the last year's 'The Legends of the Great Steppe' campaign. Launched in 2017, the campaign, organised by the BBC together with Kazakhfilm Film Studio and with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan, presented a global audience with videos and short films about the sacred places of Kazakhstan, including the mausoleums of Aisha-Bibi and Khoja Ahmed Yassaui. Filmings took place in the cities of Issyk, Ushkonyr, Turkistan and Kapchagay.

The film will be broadcast on the wide international broadcasting network of BBC World News, including in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the United States, Central Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and South Africa. The film will be shown on BBC World News on July 7 (2.57 pm BST) and July 8 (1:57 am BST).

'The Golden Man' is one of the most valuable archaeological finds in the history of Kazakhstan. It was discovered in 1970 during excavations of the Issyk mound in the south of the country. This priceless historical object, nicknamed 'The Kazakh Tutankhamun', dates from the ancient Saka era. During the excavations in Issyk Kurgan, over 4,000 gold ornaments were found and now are kept in the National Museum of Kazakhstan.

Created at : 6.07.2018, 10:00, Updated at : 6.07.2018, 10:00