Second Central Asian Research Forum on Sustainable Development and Innovation

The Embassy of Kazakhstan in the UK and the Kazakhstan PhD Association in the UK are pleased to invite you to attend the Second Central Asian Research Forum on Sustainable Development and Innovation. The Forum includes two events: in the UK at Loughborough University on 18 March and in Kazakhstan at the Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC) on 4 April 2019.

The forum will be a multi-disciplinary research and academic event which will provide a platform for design, discussion and implementation of research-backed and action-oriented projects on sustainable development with a focus on the needs of the Central Asian region.

The forum has two interrelated goals that are of critical importance to the future social and economic development of the Central Asian region. Firstly, it will provide an opportunity for PhD students from Central Asian countries to share and identify synergies in their respective areas of research, in the process building networks between the different countries in the region which will support future collaboration and contribute to the economic and political stability of Central Asia. Secondly, the forum aims to bring together as many relevant stakeholders as possible: representatives of UK and Central Asian governments; representatives of industry, including venture capital, who may be interested in understanding more about the potential benefits of investment in the Central Asia region; and both young and established academics whose expertise may represent the essential bridge between the government and industrial stakeholders.

More information about the agenda and project descriptions can be found at

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