Kazakh Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra to perform in UK and Ireland

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Kazakhstan's diplomatic relations with the United Kingdom and Ireland, the Kazakh Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra will deliver its stunning performances in London, Dublin and Manchester. The tour is part of a new project – Modern Kazakh Culture in a Global World.

The Kazakh Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra is one of the best established ensembles of Kazakhstan. Joined by famous Canadian violinist Lara St. John and multi-award winning Kazakh clarinettist Bekturgan Zholaman, their programme includes works by famous Kazakh composers alongside works from core European musical canon.

DUBLIN - 23 October - buy tickets

MANCHESTER - 25 OIctober - buy tickets

LONDON - 26 October - buy tickets

Created at : 12.10.2018, 17:00, Updated at : 12.10.2018, 17:00