Ambassador Idrissov meets with Kazakh students studying at UK universities

The Ambassador's meeting with Kazakh students was held at the University College London, one of the UK's largest universities. It was attended by more than 100 students representing various UK colleges and universities, including University College London; London School of Economics; King's College London; University of Manchester; Queen Mary University; Imperial College London; and others. Participants included recipients of the 'Bolashak' scholarship programme, self-taught students, and young Kazakh professionals working in the UK.

Ambassador Idrissov discussed with the students political, economic and social reforms currently being implemented in Kazakhstan as part of the Kazakhstan 2050 strategic programme. Participants also heard about the current status and future developments for Kazakh-British relations.

Particular attention was paid to the modernisation of public conscience programme, an initiative of the President of Kazakhstan. The Ambassador noted that overseas training is a key component in modernizing Kazakhstan's economy and public conscience. Studying at leading UK universities, and applying acquired knowledge and skills, is an important step in Kazakhstan's development. This includes the programme of modernisation of public conscience.

The Ambassador noted that the UK is one of the six largest FDI contributors to Kazakhstan. Between 2005 and 2017, UK investment in Kazakhstan totaled more than $12 billion. In addition, co-operation between Kazakhstan and the UK within the Chinese 'One belt, one road' initiative is increasingly important. China's launch of a direct rail freight to London and back is one benefit of this dynamics. Kazakhstan's JSC 'KTZ Express' was chosen as operator of this cargo.

The students discussed Kazakh societies at UK universities, and asked the Ambassador questions and shared their future plans. They promised to present their ideas for promoting of Kazakhstan in the UK at the Embassy.

Ambassador Idrissov noted the importance of qualitative education, and urged the students to actively participate in events that demonstrate Kazakhstan's cultural and historical values. He added that it was important to always support fellow Kazakh citizens living in the UK. The Ambassador said that the Embassy would welcome proposals and initiatives from students, and will always extend its support to them. He thanked the students for the meeting and wished them success in their studies.

Created at : 27.10.2017, 10:20, Updated at : 27.10.2017, 10:50