Over 60 Olympic champions will visit Nur-Sultan during the 2019 World Wrestling Championships on 14 to 22 September

More than 60 Olympic champions will come to the World Championship in Olympic wrestling in Nur-Sultan, and winners of major starts will also come to the capital of Kazakhstan.  

This was announced at a briefing by the vice-president of the Wrestling Federation of Kazakhstan Daulet Turlykhanov.  “1002 athletes will take part in the World Championship.  They will defend the honor of 103 countries.  To cover this event, more than 250 journalists registered.  More than 60 Olympic champions and prize-winners from five continents will come to our capital.  Among them there are veterans who are invited as guests of honor.  In particular, this is Alexander Karelin, well-known to all Kazakhstanis, young American star Kyle Snyder, four-time world champion, Olympic champion Jordan Barrows, famous Japanese athlete Kaori Ityo, Arthur Aleksanyan, Michal Lopez Nunez, a native of Kazakhstan Valery Ryazantsev, Belarusian athlete Kamandar Majidov, Iranian  athlete Rasu Hadem, ”said Daulet Turlykhanov.  According to him, this championship will be a real challenge for athletes.  “Our country at the Olympics is glorified by boxers, wrestlers and weightlifters.  Our wrestlers have not won a gold medal at the World Championship for a long time.  In Nur-Sultan, it’s necessary to rectify the situation, “said the eminent athlete, who heads the Asian UWW Wrestling Council, Daulet Turlykhanov.

Created at : 12.09.2019, 18:25, Updated at : 12.09.2019, 19:25