62nd ANNUAL MEETING OF INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF JUDGES Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, 15-19 September 2019

The International Association of Judges (IAJ) was founded in 1953 in Salzburg (Austria) by a six national associations of judges as a professional non- political international organization. Currently, the IAJ comprises 90 national associations of judges from the five continents, which aim to promote the ideas and goals of the Association for the protection of the independence of the Judiciary as the framework for the functioning of the judicial system and the protection of human rights and freedoms.

IAJ organizes annual conferences of study groups and serves as an open forum for judges and a practical tool to discuss urgent problems while jointly searching for effective solutions, developing recommendations for improving the judicial system of countries and giving the opportunity to expand and strengthen professional contacts.

Kazakhstan Union of Judges was admitted to the IAJ as a “observer” extraordinary member in 2004 at the 47th meeting in Mexico, and in 2011 at the meeting in Istanbul (Turkey) it was declared its full membership.

At the 61st annual meeting of the International Association of Judges in Morocco, held on October 16 2018 delegates-members of the International Association of Judges approved the application of the judicial community of the Republic of Kazakhstan to hold the 62nd meeting of the IAJ in 2019 in Nur-Sultan (Astana).

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