On May 13, 2019 Kazakhstan and Finland mark the 27th Anniversary of diplomatic relations

On May 13, 2019 Kazakhstan and Finland mark the 27th Anniversary of diplomatic relations.

Kazakhstan highly prizes an act of recognition of its Independence by Helsinki on December 30, 1991. Finland was the first among all Nordic states in doing so.

Initiated by Presidents Nursultan #Nazarbayev and Mauno Koivisto in 1992, the Great Dialogue between Kazakhstan and Finland has been developing continuously during past 27 years.

Political relations between Nur-Sultan and Helsinki are open, substantive and dynamic. Over the past 27 years, heads of our states met 12 times, every year we exchange with parliamentary delegations. Numerous negotiations between PMs and ministers also invested a lot to a further expansion of cooperation areas.

High frequency and meaningful exchange on political track resulted in the full-fledged economic collaboration. Finland is our biggest trade partner in Northern Europe, and 90% of Suomi's trade with Central Asia is with Kazakhstan.

Finland has been greatly contributing to Kazakhstan's national strategic programmes aimed at implementing large-scale social and economic reforms – Modernization3.0 of economy, 100ConcreteSteps Plan of Nation, NurlyZhol, Industrialization and Green Economy programmes.

23 agreements and memorandums of understanding in the sphere of air transport, energy efficiency and environmental protection were signed during the official visit by President Nursultan Nazarbayev to Finland in October 2018. A milestone in the bilateral relations was the signing of the Framework Agreement between the Government of Kazakhstan and Nordic Investment Bank aimed at investment in the economy of our country.

Suomi has been contributing greatly during implementation Deńsaulyq national programme designed to modernize our country's healthcare system. Kazakhstan and Finland continue strengthening close cooperation in education sector.

Transport and logistics emerged as a priority area for KazakhFinnish- cooperation. “Eastern transport corridor" via Kazakhstan and Finland links China with NorthernEurope. Direct flights twice a week to be launched in August-September 2019 are set to connect Nur-Sultan and Helsinki and broaden the transport network between Asia and Europe.

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