Press briefing for the leading Hungarian media was held in Budapest on the eve of the presidential elections in Kazakhstan

BUDAPEST, May 17, 2019 – Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Hungary Nurbakh Rustemov met with representatives of the host country's leading media. The main topic of the briefing was the upcoming presidential elections in Kazakhstan.

The event was attended by representatives of the following publications: «The Budapest Times», «24Ora», «Magyar Nemzet», «Diplomacy&Trade», «Moszkvater», «GloboPort Média», «GLOBS magazine Foreign Affairs&Trade», «Budapester Zeitung», «» and etc.

Ambassador Nurbakh Rustemov informed the audience in his speech in detail about the main achievements and strategic priorities of the development of modern Kazakhstan, as well as about the new tasks of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan to attract foreign investment, promote exports and strengthen economic diplomacy. In addition, the Kazakh diplomat provided detailed data on the results of the registration of candidates for the presidency and the registration of international observers and foreign journalists.

Along with this, N.Rustemov told about the state and the prospects of the Kazakh-Hungarian strategic partnership. The year 2019 is marked by the 5th anniversary of establishing strategic partnership between Nur-Sultan and Budapest, which is gaining new momentum. “Hungary is the first and so far the only Central and Eastern European country with which Kazakhstan has such level of cooperation", - the Ambassador noted.

After answering journalist's questions about the upcoming elections, an interesting exchange of views took place, within the framework of which the prospects of development of cooperation between Kazakhstan and Hungary were discussed.

In turn, the media representatives noted that Hungary highly appreciates the initiatives of the First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev on large-scale economic reform and social modernization of Kazakhstan, as well as on maintenance of global and regional security.

Information and image materials about Kazakhstan were distributed during the briefing.

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