Embassy of Kazakhstan participates in wreath laying ceremony at Soviet War Memorial in London

LONDON - The annual ceremony of laying wreaths took place on 9 May at the Soviet War Memorial at the Imperial War Museum. The event was dedicated to the memory of Soviet soldiers who died during the Second World War.

The event was organised by the Soviet Memorial Trust Fund in association with the Borough of Southwark, and was part of the celebration of the 74th anniversary of the victory in the Second World War.

Heads and staff of diplomatic missions of several countries, including Kazakhstan, as well as representatives of the Borough of Southwark and public and veteran organisations attended the ceremony.

Following the ceremony, the participants observed a minute of silence in tribute to victims of the Second World War.

The official ceremony was followed by “a toast to the victory" organised by the diplomatic corps where all veterans and guests were invited to enjoy stalls with national dishes and drinks.

The monument dedicated to the memory of more than 20 million Soviet citizens who died in the fight against fascism was unveiled on 9 May 1999 at the park near the Imperial War Museum. The monument is a three metre high bronze statue of a woman bowing her head. There is a bell above the monument, and at the foot of the monument lays a granite slab with a commemorative inscription. Soil from Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries which contributed to the victory over fascism is kept inside the base of the granite slab.

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