Kazakhstan and AFCONE are keen to enhance relations in promotion of cooperation among NWFZ Treaties

On 15 October 2019, Ambassador Kanat Tumysh met with Dr. Messaoud Baaliouamer, Executive Secretary of the African Commission on Nuclear Energy (AFCONE) and discussed the prospects of cooperation between Kazakhstan and the Commission. 

The Ambassador commended participation of the high-ranked representatives of the AFCONE – Dr. Baaliouamer and Doctor Mashabane - in two days Seminar, “Fostering Cooperation and Enhancing Consultation Mechanisms among the Existing Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones”, held on 29 August 2019 in Nur-Sultan, organized jointly by the Government of Kazakhstan and UN Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA). 

During the meeting, the parties exchanged views and approaches regarding further strengthening of cooperation in framework of nuclear-weapon-free zone (NWFZ) Treaties and agreed to consider and define mechanisms of implementation of the decisions, adopted at two-day Seminar in Kazakhstan. In particular, through organizing joint activities and events in the spheres of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, as well as the peaceful use of atomic energy.

Created at : 17.10.2019, 18:00, Updated at : 17.10.2019, 18:05