Remembrance of «Kasse Sebero», the warrior of the Second World War, in the Municipality of Sežana in Slovenia

A memorial event dedicated to the Kazakh hero Kasse Sebero, who fought on the side of the Yugoslav partisans and fell in a battle with fascism, was held on October 17, 2019, in the Municipality of Sežana in Slovenia.

Evening of Remembrance demonstrated –  eternal memory to the heroes of the Second World War and their heroic deeds. Second year in a row, the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Austria is organizing the event in gratitude to the people of Povir for their caring attitude to the memory of the warrior and tending to his grave over the past 76 years.

Installation of the memorial tablet with a sign that reads “Despite you lying in a remote area, your undying heroism is kept in the memory of your people" and the placement of capsule containing soil from the National Pantheon of Kazakhstan took place on the sidelines of the event last year. 

At his opening speech the Mayor of Sežana Municipality Mr.David Škabar noted that the story of “Kasse Sebero” has been contributing to strengthening of cooperation between the States, including between Sežana and Kazakhstan relations.

The head of the village Povir Franko Ursic emphasized that the feat of the Kazakh hero became the "golden bridge" of warm and friendly relations between two countries.

The evening continued with a concert of the modern ethno-jazz ensemble “Steppe Sons”, where the enchanting sounds of the Great Steppe sounded through the strings of dombra, kobyz and zhetigen. Talented musicians who professionally play at around thirty national instruments transmitted the spirit of the Great Steppe and its people to Slovenia.

Embassy of Kazakhstan in Vienna

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